How to Save Time with a Facebook Auto Poster?

How to Save Time with a Facebook Auto Poster?

Let’s face it – when you’re building a business around the digital world, you have more than one million things to do. Although Facebook is part of your digital marketing strategy, it’s not everything, and you have a life to enjoy too.

Social Media automation is more than a trend. Sending the right message at the right time brings immense value to the business and its users in the long run.

As such, it is highly recommended to have constant social engagement through Facebook posts and updates to inform and delight your audience and attract them further to the service or product you offer. The trick is to use the Mashup Web Facebook bot to schedule FB posts; let’s have a deeper look at Mashup Web Automatic Facebook Poster, why you should use automatic Facebook Posting, the best tools for auto-posting on Facebook and the top features of this marketing tool.

What is a Mashup Web Automatic Poster?

Mashup Web Automatic Poster is a tool that allows you to automate Facebook posts so that they can be published at the scheduled time.

It has been proved by marketing experts that sending the right message at the best time can get a lot of likes and engagement, which in turn increases the probability of scheduled posts being featured in a user’s news feed.

Why you should use automatic Facebook Posting?

Here are 4 surprising benefits of auto-posting on Facebook:

1 More likes, increased engagement and followers –

Mashup web’s Facebook bot allows you to auto-post to Facebook on a scheduled and regular basis. There is no need to spend hours and hours waiting for the exact time to post relevant content on your page or group.

2 Reach multiple countries, languages and time-zone –

If you’re running your business globally, there’s a good chance that most of your followers on Facebook are in different time zones. Mash-up web caters to the need of various countries and time-zone but languages such as English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

3 Saves time and money –

Social Media is about posting useful content and engaging with your audience. However, for Small and Medium-sized enterprises, it’s hard and expensive to create content on the go. Automating tasks such as Facebook posts and scheduling them on your pages and groups frees up your time so you can focus on engaging with your growing community.

4 Consistency across social networks –

The 21st Century is known as the digital age for a reason, and as such, posting 1-2 pieces of content does not cut it out. After the pandemic of Covid-19, the use of Social Media has increased by manifolds, and businesses have taken quick measures to get closer to their buyers. Not only, it’s important to post content regularly but to be consistent across all social networks.

The best tools for auto-posting on Facebook:

1 Facebook’s native auto poster

Facebook’s native auto poster allows you to schedule posts, edit, or delete a scheduled post. It’s simple and fresh; however, there’s a catch it is only available for Business Pages.

2 Mashup Web’s Auto Poster

Mashup Web offers a suite of powerful tools for Facebook and other big social networks around the aggregation of content, allowing you to schedule posts, edit, or delete any pre-scheduled posts. It also lets you keep notified about the  selected, planned or already posted content by your bots

3 Hoootsuite’s Auto Poster

Hootsuite’s Autoposter is also a good tool to schedule your posts on different platforms. Again, this platform is preferable for big companies with a large marketing budget.

The Top features of Mashup Web:

  1. User friendly –

Today, people don’t have time to wait and post; they want everything to be quick and fast, and the Mashup web Automation Tool provides a user-friendly solution with a simple tool. There is no rocket science in learning automatic facebook posts from mashup web. 

2 Auto-post on Facebook Pages and Groups –

Mashup Web’s Automation tool will get the post at the desired time and get shared in the relevant groups.

3 Data available to track all your auto-posts –

The auto post-Facebook tool keeps track of all the previous posts.

4 Multi-lingual –

This is a multilingual application, and from this application, you can change the language of that post according to the language of the country you are targeting because this will help the clients understand your post and help build a good relationship with them.

5 Consistency across all Social Media channels

As part of your whole Social Media Strategy, this automation tool can allow you to stay consistent with your brand and tone of voice across all channels. 

How to use Mashup Web Facebook Auto Posting?

To use the Mashup Web Facebook auto-posting tool, you can follow the steps as mentioned below:

(i) Create a free account on Mashup Web by connecting it to any of your business/ personal SM account

(ii) Link your Facebook page with that account.

(iii) Create the post and along with hashtags.

(iv) Schedule the posts.

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